Peoples Discount Mortgage a California Corporation, headquartered  in the city of Rancho Cucamonga  California

Peoples Discount Mortgage has been in business since 2001 created by partners with over 40 years experience  in the int the mortgage industry,  A Direct Mortgage Banker operating our of Inland Empire, Greater Los Angeles area, Orange and various other cities and counties through out the state.

All PDM loan agents go through an extensive proprietary training process which ensures you that they are educated in the latest loan programs and procedures and is capable of giving you the best type of loan for your specific needs. 

 Peoples Discount Mortgage is a privately owned and operated mortgage lender that produces over $100 million in loan production each year due to hard working loan agents.

PDM’s internal mortgage banking operation, exceptional staff, in-house loan processing, underwriting closing department add value to our company that other competitors cannot offer.